Thursday, January 7, 2010

White Christmas

It has been cold & frosty this winter. We had a lovely, fluffy snow the week before Christmas. It was enough to put everyone in a festive mood, as we put the finishing touches on our holiday decorating. We topped off the tree with a vintage angel I gave to my husband for Christmas several years ago. She is almost exactly as he remembers his Mom placing on their tree-top when he was a child. It snowed again & some pesky freezing rain Christmas Day, but didn't deter us from family & friends in the afternoon. I wasn't about to miss that Christmas ham at Mom's!

I took this photo of our neighbor's house from my attic window. It looks like a scene in a snowglobe.

It was a bit of respite from dragging boxes to and from the attic. I had no idea I had so many decorations! At least I felt I earned those Christmas cookies!

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